Body Positive Resources

A few Body-Positive Resources for you! Read More

When Your Heart Goes all Snarky on You...

I remember that the deep well of my heart- my inner love station- when it runs dry must be cared for. Like in a literal water well, “Well Deepening” must occur. In order to provide life-sustaining nourishment again, it must be deepened—new ground must be broken into— new cracks and openings must be created so the ‘fresh nectar’ can be released and discovered. Read More


Where Do You Want to Dwell this Year?

In 2016, I want to continue to keep this mind-shift; this freedom of being and becoming. I want to dwell in peace and possibility regardless of the negatives of my life. Read More

Defining Our Own Beauty

I bought into the deep seeded belief that I was less valuable as a human being because of my outward appearance and perceived flaws.....It would lead me to believe that I was always going to be tainted in some way—and that my beauty was less than, not real, not pure, and not feminine enough. Read More


Conscious Dance--the New Yoga

In the beginning there was dance, in the middle there was dance, and after The End... THERE. WILL. BE. DANCE. That’s my take anyway. If you haven’t heard already- dance is the new yoga… Read More


Leaving the haters behind....

A few years ago I had an emotional/psychological messy moment and essentially a breakthrough. My heart and soul were in a living hell. I didn’t know how to escape it. I believed that my body was holding the real me as a tormented hostage… and that my life was being ruined by my own existence—but I didn’t know how to change it... I knew something had to give, something had to change. Read More


This Holy Dance

Even though I was in this wonderful place filled with amazing spiritual people, TIME TO MYSELF, a stack of books that I was going to finally finish, a fresh new journal to start writing in, and a playlist of sick beats to listen to—I wanted none of it. Read More


Sweet Surrender: Body+Mind+Soul

This spring I am committing myself to a practice of surrendering. Surrendering my thoughts and my longings. Read More

Setting out to Sail.....

I gave in to 'giving up'. The daily onslaught of body-negative thoughts was getting a little old. I was so done with the incessant chatter in my head telling me that I needed to arrive at a fantasy destination to feel good enough to live my own damn life (thank you very much). Read More