Setting out to Sail.....


I gave in
to 'giving up'. The daily onslaught of body-negative thoughts was getting a little old. I was so done with the incessant chatter in my head telling me that I needed to arrive at a fantasy destination to feel good enough to live my own damn life (thank you very much). I decided that living healthy and whole in the moment was far better than living healthy and whole --only in the future. Why not claim it NOW? 

Coming to the decision to spend more energy and 'focus power' on my present birthed a new me and a new life -one that emerged from the doldrums of Fantasy-land and Tomorrow-land. Forging ahead with critics on my left, my right, within and all around me....I knew it was way past time time to do the things I was born to do:

Dance. Sing. Write. Become a Health Coach (and all while being a fat person).

Because here's the thing that I realized... if I shake and shimmy it, or tip toe around others--hoping they don't notice it--IT'S-- still there. My fatness (or fill in the blank) may never leave me..but my life is surely being released by the minute. So a choice had to be made. I had to choose between waiting to arrive somewhere in a better body suit before going out to play with all the others..or just join the party as is.

I already knew what the waiting game bled years and spit back regrets.

But what DID sound exciting and life giving was shedding the belief that says, "I am not GOOD ENOUGH for my dreams and desires right now" (That idea is frightening to let go of on some days, because somedays it seems more like a comfy, warm blanket that I am trying to unwrap out of). But really and truly, the new awareness meant I got the green light: I could just go for it. JUST AS I WAS. No more waiting for a better me to set sail. 

I know it's scary but I dare you to take the PLUNGE--just give in to a new way of seeing and believing in yourself. 

This month I launch my website, my blog, my health coaching business and my current passion: The Beauty Wound Project. Please check out the site, shoot me an email with inquiries...and FEEL my woohoo's...they really are quite contagious. 

In the meantime...I invite you to set sail as you are today. What have you got to lose? More life?

(original post date March 2015)


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